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Gay dating in Bucuresti

Order in the court! Its Oh. Gay Bucharest Guide: Share Tourism is quickly finding Bucharest, however, Gay Bucharest has been slow-coming. With world-class museums, beautiful church, delightful art nouveau neighborhoods, a full roster of international events including Bucharest Pride and a rapidly changing society there is more than enough reasons to visit Bucharest — and for those who are dedicated, the gay Bucharest scene is not hard to sniff out! It is still — by far — the largest parliament building in the world with 12 floors and over 31, rooms. Lipscani — The central old town now overflowing with hipster tourist cafe and restaurants and plenty of intriguing boutique shops.

You can explore these cobblestone streets for hours. But there are loads of gay people in Bucharest, and in 18 months of living there I never had any problems. Gay scene - it's great fin, and you will have a good time. There are two big gay clubs in town. The best known is called Queens, mainly Friday Saturday, but note that this has recently moved into a bigger place - I will get that address and post it.

Be sure to note that it has changed address, because many people would still give you the old address. About a year ago a US guy opened up a new 7 days a week gay club called Impact. This is located at Str. Viitorului, nr.

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It's tricky to find, even though it's central, but call the number, they speak English. This club opens until 3 every night, 5 or 6 at weekends. It's fun. You will stand out as Westerners, so expect to be approached by hustlers in clubs, and by "Hey meester, you want pretty girl?

Depending when you're going, the top of the National Theatre is a nice, young-ish studenty sort of place tho not overtly gay.

If you're planning to visit Brasov there's a gay club there, and Mamaia Black Sea also has one just outside resort at Constanta. Small, but OK.

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Hope this helps. Email me if you want more detailed information about other aspects: I have just returned from Bucharest and Brasov today as a gay traveller.

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Romania was fantastic but do not expect a gay scene but there are good general clubs. This is the summary:. Queens Club is not open - closed for rennovation Purple Club is not open - closed for rennovation.

As for Queens we read it was closed and could not place the street on the map - we were given 2 addresses Mihai Bravu 32 and Iuliu Barasch R Do not even bother going to Bucharest , gay or straight, the place is an absolute dump. Nothing whatsoever worth seeing. This is not true at all.

Gay Bucharest Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Bucharest Romania 2018

The Romanians are not open minded. They are very religious and absurdly conservative. You should be careful how you act and beware: Gay life in the strict sense of the word is NOT specific for Bucharest. Plus take into account the gayborhood in this city is spread out over a big downtown area so you won't opt for hanging around with people from bar to bar feeling at ease. It's very stressful since the streets are full of weirdos with funny looks ready to punch you if you hold your BF hand.

Gay bars are, more than that, places where kids and young fancy people with money come to show up how affluent they are. I agree inyoyrpocket givs some info but it is absurdly opinionated and anti Romanian in essence. Love oral, versatile, open to more if safe. Boghyyy Age: Romania , Alabama , constanta. Romania , , bucharest. AdiPavel Age: Romania , , Brasov.

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Florianbwl Age: Romania , , Cluj-Napoca. TDConnection Age: Romania , Alabama , Ploiesti. Nero Age: Romania , Rhode Island , Bucharest. Sexx Age: Romania , Alabama , Cluj napoca.

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